4,000% Increase in converting traffic 

This is the story of how we got an online tutoring company to get high quality organic traffic that made national news.

The Client

The company was created a few years ago by a small group passionate education and tech professionals expressed their frustrations with the highly inefficient way of finding tutors.
So they started with the goal of providing students in need with instant help through the internet, using very simple and straight forward methods that directly benefits them which in terms adds value to the community.

The Problem

The technical side of the business was completely built, all of the technology was in place and ready for market. Only thing missing was customers.
So they reached out to a local SEO company for help, they were lured by their "cheap" contract and started working with them only to find out a year later that there were no results at all. 

The Solution


SEO Audit

Doing the Google Analytics and Google Search Console Audit showed us a decrease in traffic which was clearly caused by an algorithm hit. 
That meant we had to investigate what their previous SEO agency had done to identify and fix all the actions and turn them around, so that we can recover all that valuable traffic it once had.

On Page Optimization

Based on how the website was built, it was clear to us that it was targeting the wrong keywords, 
to find the right topics to discuss on the site, we searched through online communities and scraped keyword databases to build a keyword universe to target. With keywords in hand, we were able to model topics into engaging and interesting pieces of content and we optimized the website so that it would bring in users with high conversion potential.

Measurements and Re-Design

We needed to measure how traffic was performing and what type of content was driving the most engagement/leads. We created new conversions, user engagement events and content groupings in Analytics to make data driven improvements.
Once the site’s traffic starting growing exponentially, we determined that in order to improve conversions, we needed to update the look and feel of the site. We did a complete redesign and relaunched the site.

Promotional Outreach

To promote the content and build site authority, we prospected for relevant industry websites. Our outreach team then sent personalized pitches to include a link back to recently published content on the website. Then we found, contacted and negotiated over 100 influencer placements on Snapchat, Instagram, influential magazines, local news and TV stations.


Increase in Traffic

Media Placements

Beautiful Website

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